Coaching Staff

Head Coach

brettBrett Austine is a Physical Education, Health and Personal Development Teacher at Belmont High School.

Brett has been teaching for 23 years and coaching for 27 years. Brett is a level 2 coach who has held the position of NSW State Team Head Coach for 8 years. Brett is also an international trampoline sports judge Brevet 1 and has judged numerous world events including the 2008 Bejing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics. Brett has won numerous coaching and official awards.

Brett was a trampolinist from age 7 to 26 winning three consecutive world Double Mini Tramp titles, over 40 Australian titles and captained the Australian team to world titles on 5 tours.

Brett is also a qualified Diving Coach and judge. When time permits Brett dives in the masters division and holds the world record for the most difficult dive done in the 40-45 age group.


TyTy Swadling – Level 1 coach (currently undertaking level 2) and an advanced judge. Ty is an elite member of the trampoline club who competes at international open events. Current national squad member. Ty is a qualified Physical Education and Health teacher who works casual in the public school system.



Tysotiny copyn Austine – Level 1 coach. Tyson's has a passion for coaching working with both the recreational and competition athletes. Tyson is a qualified Fitness trainer and Personal Trainer and is attending full time at Newcastle University studying Primary School Teaching.




Christine Hall – Multi discipline Level 1 coach. She is an elite member of our tramp club and has represented Australia at World Open ChChristineampionships. Current member of the national squad.






Shaun Swadling – Level 1 coach & intermediate judge. Current national squad member. Shaun also attendsShaun Newcastle University studying primary school teaching.



Damien Moore – Tumbling coach (currently updating Level 1). Damien was a former Level 10 tumbler who provides tumbling coaching.

Lizzy Marshall – Level 1 coach & intermediate judge. Lizzy is a senior member of the tramp club. Lizzy is studying Radiation Science (Nuclear Medicine) at Newcastle University.

Rhys Murray – Level 1 coach. Rhys is a senior member of the tramp club. Rhys is studying Occupational Therapy at Newcastle University

Megan Keevers – Level 1 coach and intermediate judge. Megan is a senior member of the tramp club. Megan is studying a Bachelor of Science at Newcastle University

Junior Coaches:  Shannon Allsop .

These coaches are athletes with the club and coach 4:30 and/or 5:30 group. Brett has taught the coaches the coaching skills required. Formal coaching courses cannot be completed until the age of 16. These coaches coach under the direction of Brett (or other coaches if Brett is away).

Michael Jennings – Level 1 coach and FIG international judge brevet 4. Michael was a former Australian team member. Michael now coaches at our club on occasions when he is available.

Jo Swadling has been the manager of several national teams. Ty and Shaun’s mother is a qualified intermediate judge, and she has also completed a level 1 coaching course.