Brett Austine has been running trampoline sports clubs for over 30 years (with a few name and venue changes). Eastlake Trampoline Sports originally started under the PCYC in 1986, merged with Lakeside Gymnastics for 5 years and in 2008 reverted back to Eastlake Trampoline Sports. The club has been operating out of the Belmont High School venue for many years.

Who is Brett Austine ?

Trampoline has always been part of Brett Austine's life. As a champion athlete, he was coached by his dad – Fred Austine – and superbly supported by his mum – Joyce Austine. Brett early days"They were very influential in my life" says Brett, "They were instrumental in me becoming who I am". An excellent athlete, Brett competed in his first World Championships at aged 13, where he finished 12th in Open Trampoline division and 9th on Double Mini Tramp. Not a bad start to his international career! Brett went on to compete at each Trampoline World Championships (held every two years) until 1988, where he retired from the sport with a World Championship Bronze Medal for Double Mini Tramp. Brett competingThree-time World Champion, and 34-time Australian Champion, Brett Austine must be one of Australia's most decorated gymnasts.

Immediately following his retirement as an athlete, Brett Austine ramped up his coaching. 1986, he started East Lakes Trampoline Club (which has had a few name changes over the years), where he still coaches today. Brett launched himself into the club as well as state team coaching. Although he coached the NSW state team in 1989, his focus changed in 1990 with the birth of his first son.

He maintained his link with Trampoline through his club but family-life came first. "My wife means everything to me", says Brett, "I need to thank her and my sons, Alexander and Tyson, for their ongoing supoprt". When his sons turned seven and eight years, Brett began to  focus more on the sport again.

Having maintained his international judging accreditation, Brett shifted his renewed energy into judging. In a 2001 international judging course he "did well" and brett judgingwas awarded Brevet II. In 2003 he was invited to judge at his first World Championships and has judged at every one since, except 2009. At a 2005 Intercontinental Judging Course, Brett scored the highest combined exam results, judging Trampoline, Synchro, Tumbling and DMT, and was awarded Brevet I, which he maintains today. Brett judged at the Beijing Olympics and will judge in London at the 2012 Olympics. Only eight judges are required to judge at an Olympic Trampoline competition. Brett's selection backs up former Gymnastics Australia's Events Manager and Trampoline Program Manager Russell Smart's statement that "Brett is an outstanding judge; renowned as one of the best judges in the world". Brett is currently the National Coach of the Australian team.


brett and studentIn addition to coaching, judging and being a dad, Brett is a full-time teacher and sports coordinator at Belmont High School, in the Hunter Region NSW. He has convened State and Regional Schools Trampoline competitions, and has been heavily involved in school springboard diving.



In June 2012 Brett was awarded an Order of Australia Medal, in the General Division "for service to the sport of gymnastics as a competitor, coach and judge"

Championship Results:

World Championships

1976 – 12th Trampoline; 9th DMT; World Age Championships – 3 gold medals
1978 – Silver Medal DMT; 10th Trampoline
1980 – Bronze Medal DMT
1982 – Gold Medal DMT; 5th Trampoline; Men's Trampoline team placed 4th
1984 – Gold Medal DMT; captained DMT team to Gold; Men's Trampoline team placed 2nd behind USSR
1986 – Gold Medal DMT; captained DMT team to Gold
1988 – Bronze Medal DMT; captained DMT team to Silver

Australian Champion

1971 – Trampoline, Sub Junior
1972 – Trampoline, Sub Junior
1973 – Trampoline, Sub Junior
1974 – Trampoline, Sub Junior
1975 – Trampoline, Sub Junior
1976 – Trampoline, Open; DMT, Junior
1977 – Trampoline, Junior; Trampoline, Open; Tumbling, Junior
1978 – Trampoline, Junior; Trampoline, Open; Synchro, Open; DMT, Junior
1979 – Trampoline, Junior; Trampoline, Open; Synchro, Open; DMT, Senior
1980 – Trampoline, Senior; Trampoline, Open; DMT, Senior
1981 – Trampoline, Senior; Trampoline, Open; Synchro, Open; DMT, Senior
1982 – Synchro, Open; DMT, Senior
1984 – DMT, Open
1985 – DMT, Open
1986 – Trampoline, Senior; Trampoline, Open; DMT, Open
1987 – Synchro, Senior; Synchro, Open