State Championships 2016

Here are some images from the State Championships

State Championships 2015


Congratulations everyone on some fantastic results at the State Championships. In the club results we were equal second behind Castle Hill. Great result !


Ben 4th 6th DNC
Georgia 5th 14th DNC
Zali 11th 9th DNC
Isabella 3rd 2nd DNC
Dom 1st 2nd DNC
Zoe 4th DNC DNC
Maya 1st 1st 4th
Holli 2nd 1st DNC
Katherine 3rd ? DNC
Kaitlyn 4th DNC DNC
Aidan 5th DNC DNC
Shaun 1st DNC DNC


Unfortunately Jess had to withdraw due to illness. Get well soon Jess.

In Synchro there was some great results as well – 

U13 Men, 2nd place, Dom and Ben

U13 Women, 1st place,  Georgia and Zali

U15 Women, 2nd place, Zoe and Charlotte (CCYC)

also in the U15 Women, 3rd place,  Maya and Izzy

17+ Women, 1st place, Holli and Katherine

Senior Men 2nd place, Shaun and Aidan


Well done to all Eastlake Athletes who competed in the NSW State Championships

Results Are:
Senior International Trampoline – Mens:
Ty Swadling 1st, Shaun Swadling 2nd, Aiden Thomas 5th
Senior International Trampoline – Women:
Kaitlyn Perkins 2nd
Senior International Synchronised Trampoline – Men:
Ty and Shaun Swadling 1st, Aiden Thomas
Senior International Synchronised Trampoline – Women:
Kaitlyn Perkins and Christine Hall 1st
Senior International Double mini Trampoline – Women:
Christine Hall 4th
17+ Trampoline Women:
Christine Hall 1st
Under 17 Trampoline Women:
Katherine Tennant 1st
Under 17 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Katherine Tennant 2nd
Under 15 International Trampoline Women:
Jessica Pickering 4th
International Synchronised Under 15 Trampoline Women:
Jessica Pickering and Maya Freeman 2nd
Under 15 Trampoline Women:
Maya Freeman 4th
Under 15 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Jessica Pickering 2nd, Maya Freeman 6th
Under 15 Tumbling Women:
Maya Freeman 1st
Under 13 Trampoline Women:
Isabella Milajew 4th, Zoe Cooksey 7th
Under 13 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Zoe Cooksey 8th
Under 13 Synchronised Trampoline Women:
Zoe Cooksey and Isabella Milajew 4th
Under 13 Trampoline Men:
Flynn Williams 3rd
Under 13 Double Mini Trampoline Men:
Flynn Williams 3rd
Under 13 Tumbling Men:
Flynn Williams 2nd
Under 11 Trampoline Men:
Domenic Cooksey 1st, Kye Rowbottom 3rd
Under 11 Double Mini Trampoline Men:
Kye Rowbottom 3rd, Domenic Cooksey 9th
Under 11 Synchronised Trampoline Men:
Kye Rowbottom and Domenic Cooksey 2nd
Under 11 Trampoline Women:
Georgia Cooksey 4th
Under 11 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Georgia Cooksey 11th

New photos from the State Championships

Great Results at State Trial 2

State Trial 2

What a great weekend the club had at the second State Trampoline Trial.

Congratulations to Dom, Georgia, Zoe, Maya, Chris and Aiden who all got qualification scores to make the NSW team to compete at Nationals.

Special mention to Maya who took home a full set of ribbons this weekend and to Chris who got an almost perfect score for her straddle on DMT.

The weekend results are;
Domenic – 1st TRP (Q), 1st DMT (Q)
Kye – 5th TRP, 8th DMT
Georgia – 5th TRP (Q), 8th DMT
Flynn – 2nd TUMB
Zoe – 5th TRP (Q), 5th DMT
Maya – 2nd TRP (Q), 3rd DMT, 1st TUMB (Q)
Jess – 1st TRP(Q), 6th DMT
Katherine – 2nd TRP, 3rd DMT
Chris- 1st TRP 17yrs+ (Q), 5th TRP SNR, 3rd DMT SNR
Kaitlyn – 3rd TRP
Aiden – 2nd TRP SNR, 2nd DMT SNR(Q)

A HUGE special thanks to our coaches who spent the days supporting the athletes.

And a very special thanks to our judges from out club Brett, Ty, Shaun, Jo, Chris, Margaret.

Goodluck to everyone at State Championships at the end of March. Remember to get your Supporters gear so we can be EXTRA LOUD, EXTRA PROUD, EASTLAKES CROWD!!!!

Competition Information

Updated competition information for 2014 is now available on the web site in the club newsletters page

Entries for NSW Tramp National & International Stream State Championships

Entries for NSW state championships to be in to Michelle by Thursday 20th February. Cost is $71.50 ( for 1 discipline only) or $82.50 (2 or more disciplines eg.any 2 of tramp, DMT, synchro, tumbling)
Event date: 29-30 March
Venue: Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre (Rooty Hill)

State Trial 1 Results

Congratulations to Kye, Isabella, Maya and Aiden who qualified on Trampoline for NSW State Team selection (to go to Nationals) on Saturday.

It was a great weekend for our club with some fantastic results;
Kye – 2nd TRP (Q), 3rd DMT
Domenic – 3rd TRP, 4th DMT
Georgia – 5th TRP, 3rd DMT
Flynn – 5th TRP, 6th DMT
Isabella- 3rd TRP (Q), 2nd DMT
Zoey – 4th TRP, 6th DMT
Maya – 2nd TRP (Q), 2nd DMT
Katherine – 3rd TRP, 3rd DMT
Rhys – 4th TRP, 3rd DMT
Ty – 1st TRP (Q)
Shaun – 2nd TRP (Q)
Aiden – 3rd TRP (Q), 2nd DMT
Kaitlyn – 3rd TRP

Fees for 2014

Welcome back to trampoline club for 2014.
• Annual Registration: Recreation $70 or Competition $100 (both include gym NSW registration)
or Club Membership $30 (if already registered with Gymnastics NSW under another club for 2014)
• Term Coaching Fees (per school term): $100 (for 1 night week), or $200 (for 2 nights week) This is the same last year.
Casual Lesson $15 (cash only)
No classes on school holidays. Fees to be paid in cash or cheque payable to ‘Eastlake Trampoline Sports’
Fees should be paid in the first three weeks of term. See Brett if financial hardship situation applies. If fees are not paid in full students will not be able to continue the following term. If fees are not paid these spaces will be filled by students on the waiting list.
Athletes who are competing in 2014 need to listen at classes for announcements of competition details and entry closing dates. I will also put competition information on our website which will mean it will also go on our facebook page Eastlake Trampoline Sports. Tramp competition calendar is on NSW Gym website (under trampoline sports – events)

Trampoline Classes for new students 2014

We have a waiting list of students who wish to start trampoline classes. Michelle will be going through the waiting list over the next few weeks and offering spaces depending on class sizes and coach availability. Parents can speak with Michelle and add their child’s name to the waiting list by ringing or smsing Michelle on 0412993092. It is best to ring Michelle on a Tuesday or Thursday after 5pm when she will be at trampolining. At other times the phone may not be answered if Michelle is at work.