Great Results at State Trial 2

What a great weekend the club had at the second State Trampoline Trial.

Congratulations to Dom, Georgia, Zoe, Maya, Chris and Aiden who all got qualification scores to make the NSW team to compete at Nationals.

Special mention to Maya who took home a full set of ribbons this weekend and to Chris who got an almost perfect score for her straddle on DMT.

The weekend results are;
Domenic – 1st TRP (Q), 1st DMT (Q)
Kye – 5th TRP, 8th DMT
Georgia – 5th TRP (Q), 8th DMT
Flynn – 2nd TUMB
Zoe – 5th TRP (Q), 5th DMT
Maya – 2nd TRP (Q), 3rd DMT, 1st TUMB (Q)
Jess – 1st TRP(Q), 6th DMT
Katherine – 2nd TRP, 3rd DMT
Chris- 1st TRP 17yrs+ (Q), 5th TRP SNR, 3rd DMT SNR
Kaitlyn – 3rd TRP
Aiden – 2nd TRP SNR, 2nd DMT SNR(Q)

A HUGE special thanks to our coaches who spent the days supporting the athletes.

And a very special thanks to our judges from out club Brett, Ty, Shaun, Jo, Chris, Margaret.

Goodluck to everyone at State Championships at the end of March. Remember to get your Supporters gear so we can be EXTRA LOUD, EXTRA PROUD, EASTLAKES CROWD!!!!

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