Well done to all Eastlake Athletes who competed in the NSW State Championships

Results Are:
Senior International Trampoline – Mens:
Ty Swadling 1st, Shaun Swadling 2nd, Aiden Thomas 5th
Senior International Trampoline – Women:
Kaitlyn Perkins 2nd
Senior International Synchronised Trampoline – Men:
Ty and Shaun Swadling 1st, Aiden Thomas
Senior International Synchronised Trampoline – Women:
Kaitlyn Perkins and Christine Hall 1st
Senior International Double mini Trampoline – Women:
Christine Hall 4th
17+ Trampoline Women:
Christine Hall 1st
Under 17 Trampoline Women:
Katherine Tennant 1st
Under 17 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Katherine Tennant 2nd
Under 15 International Trampoline Women:
Jessica Pickering 4th
International Synchronised Under 15 Trampoline Women:
Jessica Pickering and Maya Freeman 2nd
Under 15 Trampoline Women:
Maya Freeman 4th
Under 15 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Jessica Pickering 2nd, Maya Freeman 6th
Under 15 Tumbling Women:
Maya Freeman 1st
Under 13 Trampoline Women:
Isabella Milajew 4th, Zoe Cooksey 7th
Under 13 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Zoe Cooksey 8th
Under 13 Synchronised Trampoline Women:
Zoe Cooksey and Isabella Milajew 4th
Under 13 Trampoline Men:
Flynn Williams 3rd
Under 13 Double Mini Trampoline Men:
Flynn Williams 3rd
Under 13 Tumbling Men:
Flynn Williams 2nd
Under 11 Trampoline Men:
Domenic Cooksey 1st, Kye Rowbottom 3rd
Under 11 Double Mini Trampoline Men:
Kye Rowbottom 3rd, Domenic Cooksey 9th
Under 11 Synchronised Trampoline Men:
Kye Rowbottom and Domenic Cooksey 2nd
Under 11 Trampoline Women:
Georgia Cooksey 4th
Under 11 Double Mini Trampoline Women:
Georgia Cooksey 11th

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