State Trial 1 Results

Congratulations to Kye, Isabella, Maya and Aiden who qualified on Trampoline for NSW State Team selection (to go to Nationals) on Saturday.

It was a great weekend for our club with some fantastic results;
Kye – 2nd TRP (Q), 3rd DMT
Domenic – 3rd TRP, 4th DMT
Georgia – 5th TRP, 3rd DMT
Flynn – 5th TRP, 6th DMT
Isabella- 3rd TRP (Q), 2nd DMT
Zoey – 4th TRP, 6th DMT
Maya – 2nd TRP (Q), 2nd DMT
Katherine – 3rd TRP, 3rd DMT
Rhys – 4th TRP, 3rd DMT
Ty – 1st TRP (Q)
Shaun – 2nd TRP (Q)
Aiden – 3rd TRP (Q), 2nd DMT
Kaitlyn – 3rd TRP

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